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Territory Management Workshops

Territory Development

What do you do with a territory that is covered with potential, active and inactive customers? You certainly must develop a plan to analyze and recruit new customers. This program will allow you to analyze your existing market, develop market share goals, recognize your area’s potential, sort the customers into categories and help you create a master plan for each category.

Helping Dealers Grow Their Business

Dealers do not fail because of a lack of technical or service knowledge, they fail due to a lack of a solid understanding of business techniques. You’ll learn what a customer actually looks like from a survey of over 4000 customers and then learn how to guide them to success. We will teach you how to read their financials, develop pricing strategies, streamline their field operations, create marketing strategies and discuss other techniques to make your customer more profitable. Learn how to help your dealer succeed and you will succeed.

Growing Your Customer Base

The Sales Management System allows you to analyze and structure growth for individual dealers on a quarterly basis. Learn how to grow your customer by setting goals and developing a system of measurement.