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Structuring for Profit & Growth Workshops

Profitable Business Solutions I—The Beginning (5 Sessions)

This long term business development program for contractors involves monthly meetings for five months. We start with contractor surveys and confidential profiles to tailor the course to individuals. We begin with specific strategies that go right to the bottom line, then discuss controlling overhead, hiring and retaining coworkers, pricing and budgeting for success. Homework, in-class activities and a class project are assigned, so specific classroom work can be directly applied to the business.

Profitable Business Solutions II—Growth and Development (5 Sessions)

Designed for the more mature contracting business, we discuss how to improve the overall efficiency of the business and how to streamline operations. We begin with profiling and then discuss departmentalization, cash flow strategies, market and market share analysis, compensation plans for personnel, operational efficiencies, policy manual implementation, cost justification and business transition. If the contractor wants to reduce overhead, streamline operations and do more with less, this program is right on target.

Jump Start Your Contracting Business (1 Day)

This one day workshop gives the contractor a jump start on improving his overall business and profit performance. These 14 strategies will give him insights into pricing, inventory control, managing field labor, dispatching techniques, accounting practices, finding field personnel, designing warranties, parts markups, invoicing, collections, etc. These are time proven tips that successful, more than 10% net profit, contractors have used to achieve their success rate and provide their customers with great service and installations.