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Operations Workshops

Performance Based Pay for the Field (One Day)

If you have noticed some installing crews, technicians and plumbers make you money and others don’t, maybe you need to pay on performance, not on seniority. Reward those who bring in the most money to the company and those who make the best use of their knowledge, expertise and efficiency. We’ll discuss how to do more work with less people and how to measure efficiency of field personnel. Spreadsheet examples of performance plans currently in use will be provided to all participants. Ask about our One-Day class for sales and office personnel.

Outrageous Customer Care (One Day)

Understanding what customers want and need; handling complaints; what customer care means to your sales, profits and coworkers income, etc. Perfect for owners, managers, salespeople, call-takers and technicians. What you don’t know will surprise you, and may be hurting your business without you even knowing it.

Bookkeeping and Office Management for the Contractor (One Day)

Office managers and accounting personnel will love this seminar. In this course we will review the proper methods and procedures of accounting and record keeping. We will present billing and collection strategies, processes to improve time management, telephone etiquette and tips for superb office organization.

Running a Profitable Service Company (Two Days)

Ideal for owners and managers, this program focuses on the most profitable department in any contracting company. Properly managed and controlled, the service department can provide in excess of 20% net profit and year round work. We’ll teach how to setup a service center, how to dispatch field personnel, how to write a marketing plan and to find and hire field personnel. We will discuss the implementation of customer management software, flat rate pricing and inventory control as well as tips on invoicing and collecting.