Client Testimonial - Flat Rate Training

The second reason is to testify to the solidity of flat rate pricing. I started my business 31 years ago, working out of my home with a single truck. Today I have over 30 service vehicles, averaging between eighty and one hundred service calls each day, and I thought I knew everything about the business. Not only did I think flat rate pricing was just not for me, but I thought it was the best way to lose customers. I can tell you now, that since switching to flat rate, my business is growing daily and my customer complaints are becoming more and more infrequent. On the rare occasion that we receive a complaint it is most likely due to a technician not doing their job properly. People appreciate consistency in pricing, they appreciate knowing exactly how much they are going to pay before they are obligated to pay it. When you tell a customer how much they are going to be charged for a certain repair, and they tell you to go ahead and do the work, the actual work becomes your only concern. Flat rate pricing completely removes time from the equation, and time was the biggest problem we had to deal with. People might have said "Your mechanic wasn't working this many hours" or "I'm not paying a hundred dollars an hour." But this is no longer a problem. Now my employees and I are doing more profitable work with 75% fewer complaints.

Flat rate pricing is a must-have for any service business.

- letter excerpt, Greg from North Carolina