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Consistency Sells

When we visit companies around North America, we find great systems and great people. But not only do the profitable companies have these two great assets, they have consistency of these assets. So, consistency sells.

If you provide your customers consistency of service and reliability of your products, they will come back for more. The first contact a customer has with your company is through the phone. Be sure the phone is answered exactly the same way each time. For example you might say, “Thank you for calling ABC Heating and Air Conditioning. This is Tim. How may I direct your call?” Thank the customer for calling you instead of your competitor, personalize the call by telling them your name, and direct their call to the appropriate person. Phones must be answered consistently, and we recommend by the same person each time. Develop a phone tree with a primary, secondary and final phone person. Allow the phone to ring twice and answer on the third ring.

You may also want to consider an on-hold marketing program such as Commercials-on-Hold (800-832-4653). When a customer is put on hold, the customer will be hearing an infomercial about your company and products. When they are taken off hold, the infomercial ends and you can talk. A simple black box with pre-recorded messages hooks up to a single phone or phone system and plays the infomercial. Normally you lease the black box for $30-100 per month and that includes professional, pre-recorded, HVAC/PLBG specific information. Answer the phone 24 hours per day and do not use answering machines. Transfer the calls after hours to a customer service representative and have them answer the phone as consistently as during the day.

Look at all the procedures in your company and develop a procedure manual for your company. Outline specifically how to perform a precision tune-up, how to order equipment, how to fax, etc. Be very specific and consistent in your company and your customers will appreciate your efforts with increased sales.