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The articles represented on this site were written by Ron Collier, PhD, President of the Collier Consulting Group. These articles reflect successful business practices used by contractors all over North America and were originally published in AC Today, The News, and Contracting Business. For more information about any of the articles, please email the Collier Consulting Group at

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Budgeting and Return on Investment

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A proper budget for both annual and monthly sales that is based on return on investment is the best plan for any contractor. pdf

Does Your Cash Flow Have a Cash Flaw?

Selling results in profit dollars that you cannot spend. Cash flow is collecting those dollars so you can pay your bills in a timely fashion and survive slow times. pdf

Getting Down to Basics

Five keys to running any successful business are proper accounting, correct pricing strategies, hiring and training personnel, effective marketing, and controlling costs. pdf

Keep Your Eye on the Three C's

As an owner there are three things you need to observe each and every day: company, customers, and your competition. What is happening and how can you change things for the better? pdf

Template Pricing

Standard proposals for replacement jobs should be used by both field personnel and sales reps. Having proposals already prepared makes their job easier and increases closure rates. pdf

Unapplied Labor in the Service Department

Unapplied labor costs any company thousands of dollars a year in unbilled expenses. Control field labor and you control profit. pdf

Are You Pricing Correctly?

Pricing strategies are the most important things in any business and can be the difference between success and failure. Price drives profits, not sales. pdf

Are You Too Busy Losing Money?

It is important to establish pricing strategies based upon the costs of doing business, but many contractors do not also look at their market to see if their "price" fits. pdf

Working Capital - Too Much or Too Little

Are you overcapitalized or undercapitalized? In common terms, do you have enough monies to survive the ups and downs of the contracting business? The revealing number is your amount of working capital available in your business. pdf

2005 - Time to Get the Business Going

You have probably asked yourself at the end of each year, "Where is the money??" Focus on budgeting, cash flow projections and breakeven sales to get the money you deserve. pdf